The course with the highest pass rate : 98%
New manikins accessible to everyone.

Welcome to PLAB 2 section

Ours is the only centre where you will be able to do things for real e.g be able to draw blood, listen to fetal heart sounds in antenatal examinations, breast manikins exactly like the GMC one, etc.

Practice rooms

There is no overcrowding around manikins like in other centres which do not give you adequate practice especially if you have little time to spare.Candidates have access to all the manikins at anytime.

We have new and exact match mannikins like in the GMC.

90% of the candidates sitting for the plab 2 attend our course.



  • PLAB 2 classical course

  • PLAB 2 weekend course

All PLAB 2 Classes start at 10:00 and end at 19:00.There is an hour lunch break (1pm-2pm) plus 10 minute breaks every 2 hours.

  • PLAB 2 classical course

The New “Samson Classical” Course will run for 15 days and comes with 4 full mock tests each consisting of 18 statios plus a comprehensive PLAB 2 book. All for £600. This is the most recommended course as it has got the proven highest pass rate.

In 2017-SamsonPLAB Academy is introducing cheaper and more efficient PLAB 2 courses than ever.With the pattern to the new PLAB 2 exam established and costs worked out, we are happy to introduce a new cheaper “Classical PLAB 2 course. “ The new classical course has been designed to most up to date, cheapest, most efficient and reliable course with the highest pass rate. At the moment our classical course has a 99% pass rate.

SAMSONPLAB ACADEMY is a well established instutution for PLAB 1 & 2 with GMC logic and aims to make you pass in your first attempt.
We also offer one to one help depending on the areas you need to improve.

Our teaching is unique since we are very much individual oriented. We will indentify your weakness, improve those areas, build up your confidence and help you pass PLAB 2 exam.

We have Dr Samson who is a very experienced teacher in both PLAB 1 and PLAB 2 examinations. If you follow his instructions and advice , your first attempt pass is a guaranteed success.

If you are struggling to pass PLAB 2 exam then SAMSONPLAB is for you. Come get help and pass your PLAB 2 exam.

We are the most up to date course for PLAB 1 & 2 in the UK with an excellent pass rate.

The New PLAB 2

Our PLAB 2 pass rate for candidates attending courses at Samsonplab is 98% in first attempt.

The classes are taken by myself and doctors who have PLAB and NHS experience. We have the right mix of experience and enthusiasm to ensure that our students have the knowledge as well as the zeal to appear in the exam with confidence.

The academy is equipped with excellent manikins which are available to the students to practice without any restrictions everyday of the week (Mon to Sunday)

Samson Plab Teaching Staff:

Doctor Samson and his team have the perfect skills to help you pass this exam. The team consists of those Doctors that have passed the PLAB 2 exam recently and have got fresh experience and will share their GMC experience with you, and Dr Samson adds his 8 years NHS experience and 7 years PLAB teaching experience to the training programme.

This perfect mixture of experience and knowledge creates an excellent and explosive preparation for PLAB 2 exam that will allow you to compete well with others and help you pass PLAB 2 exam in your first attempt.

Mock test

We pride ourselves in the quality of mocks that we provide. The mocks are as close to the real exam and our simulators are fantastic actors. Students are graded as per the GMC standard.

The mock is followed by a detailed feedback where  we demonstrate the stations and give individual feedback for candidates to identify areas of further development and improvement.

Our team of examiners provides detailed feedback as well as encourages the candidates to do better with every mock and prepares them to take on the real exam with confidence.

I would advise you to attend the course at least 5-6 weeks prior to the PLAB 2 exam to ensure that you have enough time to practise!

High Fidelity Mannikin

SIMMAN (High fidelity manikin) is available for practice at Samsonplab at all times. All our candidates are provided with new GMC simman scenarios. You can have access to this manikin at anytime.

Class rooms

We take 25-30 candidates in a batch to ensure low candidate to teacher ratio which enables us to provide each candidate with more individual attention.

Classrooms  are spacious and are equipped with projectors and sound systems for easy learning. 


PLAB 2 weekend course:

This course can begin every weekend , you just need to ring us to book.
You will need 7 weekends to complete all the relevant topics.
The course is suitable for people who are free only on weekends and can not find time to do a 15 days course.


PLAB 2 Classical Course Dates:


20th March 2019 – 3rd April 2019  1st April 2019 –  15th April 2019 10th April 2019- 25th April 2019 20th April 2019 – 4th May 2019
1st May 2019 – 15th May 2019 10th May 2019 – 25th May 2019  20th May 2019 – 3rd June 2019 1st June 2019 – 15th June 2019
10th June 2019 – 25th June 2019 20th June 2019 – 4th July 2019 1st July 2019 – 15th July 2019 10th July 2019 – 25th July 2019
20th July 2019 – 3rd August 2019  1st August 2019-15th August 2019 10th August 2019- 25th August 2019 20th August 2019 – 3rd September 2019
 1st September 2019 – 15th September 2019  10th September 2019 – 25th September 2019 20th September 2019 – 4th October 2019 1st October 2019 – 15th October 2019


10th October 2019 – 25th October 2018 20th October 2019 – 3rd November 2019  1st November 2019 – 15th  November 2019 10th November 2019 – 24th November 2019
20th November 2019 – 4th November 2019  1st December 2019 –  15th December 2019 9th December 2019 – 23rd December 2019 2nd January 2020 – 16th January 2020
10th January  2020 –  25th January 2020  20th January 2020 –  4th February 2020 1st February 2020 – 15th February 2020 10th February 2020 – 25th February 2020


Course Fees:

Plab 2 course plus 4 mocks £650
Each additional mock £70 ( for our internal candidates only)


PLAB 2 MOCK DATES FOR GMC EXAM 10th, 11th & 12th, 13th September 2019

1st Mock test : 28th August 2019 2nd Mock: 1st September 2019
3rd Mock test : 5th September  2019 4th Mock test : 8th September 2019


PLAB 2 MOCK DATES FOR GMC EXAM 17th, 18th, 19th 20th September 2019

1st Mock test : 4th September 2019 2nd Mock: 9th September 2019
3rd Mock test : 12th September  2019 4th Mock test : 15th September 2019


PLAB 2 MOCK DATES FOR GMC EXAM 24th, 25th, 26th, 27th September 2019

1st Mock test : 11th September 2019 2nd Mock: 16th September 2019
3rd Mock test : 19th September  2019 4th Mock test : 22nd September 2019


PLAB 2 MOCK DATES FOR GMC EXAM 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th October 2019

1st Mock test : 18th September 2019 2nd Mock: 23rd September 2019
3rd Mock test : 26th September 2019 4th Mock test : 29th September 2019


PLAB 2 MOCK DATES FOR GMC EXAM 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th October 2019

1st Mock test : 25th September 2019 2nd Mock: 30th September 2019
3rd Mock test : 3rd October 2019 4th Mock test : 6th October 2019


PLAB 2 MOCK DATES FOR GMC EXAM 16th, 17th, 18th, 19th October 2019

1st Mock test : 2nd October 2019 2nd Mock: 7th October 2019
3rd Mock test : 11th October 2019 4th Mock test : 14th October 2019


PLAB 2 MOCK DATES FOR GMC EXAM 23rd, 24th, 25th, 26th October 2019

1st Mock test : 9th October 2019 2nd Mock: 15th October 2019
3rd Mock test : 18th October 2019 4th Mock test : 21st October 2019


PLAB 2 MOCK DATES FOR GMC EXAM 29th, 30th, 31st October 2019

1st Mock test : 16th October 2019 2nd Mock: 20th October 2019
3rd Mock test : 24th October 2019 4th Mock test : 27th October 2019


The New PLAB 2 schedule

  • Day 1: Introduction, History Taking Approach, Communiation Tools, EVE, SOFTEN, PEARLProtocols.
  • Day 2: History taking (Part 1)
  • Day 3:History taking (Part 2)
  • Day 4:History taking (Part 3) and Suspected Cancer
  • Day 5: Paediatrics and Psychiatry Scenarios
  • Day 6: Surgery Counselling, Explaining Investigations, Motivation Stations, Pregnancy, Sexual Health and Contraception
  • Day 7: Medicine Counselling, Living Healthy, Transient Ischemic Attack, Discharge Discussion and Follow up
  • Day 8: Breaking Bad News, Palliative Therapy, Abuse, Medical Errors and Angry Patients
  • Day 9: Ethics, End of Life Discussions, Patients Refusing Treatment, Culturally Competenet Communications and Unhappy with Hospital Management
  • Day 10:Medicine Clinical Examinations
  • Day 11:Manikins part 1
  • Day 12:Manikins part 2
  • Day 13:Orthopaedic and Surgical Examinations
  • Day 14:Diabetic Patients, Inter-personal skills, Pre-op Assessment, Miscellaneous, Telephone Conversation
  • Day 15:Examinations, Talking manikins, Assessment of Acutely Ill Patients and Advanced Trauma Life Support (ATLS)

PLAB 2 classes are mainly practical lessons and are taught in small groups of 15-20  doctors so that every candidate can have a chance to perform in front of the teacher.



If you are a group of five attending for the same course, you may be eligible for a £100 discount.

Each member of the group will get a £100 discount.

Terms and conditions:
1. The names of five group members must be emailed to us 5 days before the start date of the course

2. All the 5 members must make payment atleast 5 days before the start date of the course.

3. You can not recruit the candidates who are have done PLAB 1 or PLAB 2 courses or PLAB 1/2 Mocks tests at SamsonPLAB.

4. If the group has candidates who have done courses or mock tests at SamsonPLAB, atleast 3 or more must NOT have attended any course or mocks at SamsonPLAB

5. All members of the group must attend the same course date on the first day.

6. Each members will get a £100 discount if all the above conditions are fulfilled.

Please do not send emails or call office requesting to make payment on the first day or giving reasons for not paying 5 days before. There is no exception to these conditions.