Excellent lecture notes and good support from teachers.
99% pass rate


In light of the new update and changes from the GMC, I would like to inform all prospective candidates that plab has  changed!
The pattern for PLAB 1 exam has changed from september 2016. The new PLAB exam has become more rigorous and more reflective of real-life practice. It includes a selection of questions related to professionalism, medico-legal and ethics.
For everyone appearing for the PLAB exams, Samson Plab is an excellent and the best preparation centre for you.
I strongly advise prospective candidates to choose their course centre wisely to help prepare you adequately for the exam. At Samson Plab we have an excellent pass rate and this is the right place to clear the exam at first attempt. We guarantee that most of the exam questions come from our question bank and mocks.
To help you succeed Samson Plab Academy has very experienced staff taking detailed classes in all the subjects for PLAB 1. Our teachers are recruited by me to ensure that you are taught by the best. 
I personally take keen interest in the progress of each candidate and take multiple classes to ensure that the candidates are on the right path to clear the exam in their first attempt. 
The feedback I received from the PLAB 1 candidates who appeared in the November 2016 exam was very positive. Over 90% of the questions in the exam were from our question banks and mocks. Our pass rate is very high and we pride ourselves in helping our candidates clear PLAB 1 in first attempt.


  • Four mocks : £140
  • Eight mocks : £280
  • NB: The course come with 8 mock tests. Please check that your course dates do not clash with your mock test dates.

We have updated our course materials to meet the needs of the new exam pattern and to make sure that we have covered GMC blue print.  The new  topics includes knowledge, skills and performance; safety and quality; communication, partnership and teamwork; maintaining trust e.t.c


 All our questions are single best answer questions, similar to the recent GMC exam pattern.

The syllabus for each subject have all been covered according to the General Medical Council Blue print.

We have 99% pass rate for PLAB 1.


We have two types of PLAB 1 courses:


This is a 20 day course which run from 9:30 till 7:00 pm. There is a 1 hour lunch break between 1 pm and 2 pm. From 9:30 am till 1:00 pm we go through the lectures and between 2:00 pm and 7:00 pm we solve recent past paper questions.

There are 2 off days which are usually Fridays.


This is a 10 day course on a stretch without a break. During this period we solve previous past paper questions subject by subject. We cover 2 subjects a day and you are assured of covering all the topics. NO lectures are covered during the 10 day course but detailed explanations are provided by the tutors.



  • 1. Emergency Medicine, X-RAY & ECG (new subject only at samsonplab academy)
  • 2. Haematology
  • 3. Respiratory Medicine
  • 4. Paediatrics
  • 5. Obstetrics and Gynaecology
  • 6. Toxicology
  • 7. Cardiology
  • 8. Pharmacology
  • 9. Endocrinology
  • 10. Ophthalmology
  • 11. Nephrology
  • 12. Ear,Nose and Throat
  • 13. Neurology
  • 14. Infectious Diseases
  • 15. General Surgery
  • 16. Genetics
  • 17. Gastroenterology
  • 18. Rheumatology
  • 19. Trauma and Orthopeadics
  • 20. Dermatology
  • 21. Psychiatry
  • 22. Epidemiology
  • 23. Anatomy
  • 24. Oncology


The new PLAB 1 exam commenced in September 2016 and has more new questions. The new questions cover topics on children and elderly people, professionalism, ethics and safe prescribing. There are also new questions on medico-legal-ethical issues.
In view of the above we have reviewed our course materials and added new topics and questions which cover the new additions to PLAB 1 exam.

Our PLAB 1 course will now include the following:

    • 1. New subject: Safe prescribing


    • 2. New subject: Medico-legal-ethical issues


    • 3. New subject: Elderly medicine and Orthogeriatrics


  • 4. New questions to all the subjects especially paediatrics.


Course fees:

PLAB 1 long course : £700. This price includes all 8 mock tests
PLAB short course: £500. This price includes 8 mock tests



We have 8 mock tests for PLAB 1.

The mock exams are conducted in specific days. Please see the schedule below.

Mock exams schedule:

Start time: 10 am

Finish time: 1 pm

Lunch time: 1-2pm

Feedback and discussion: 2-7 pm.

Mock price for external candidates: 
Four Mocks: £140 including feedbacks
Eight Mocks: £280 including feedback
NB: The mock access will be given only on the mock dates shown below and you will be given free online access via website or an app.


If you need the mocks exams for self study, please go to online subscription section and subscribe. 

PLAB 1 course & mock dates for GMC exam 15th March 2019

Long Course Dates Short Course Dates
15th January – 3rd February 2019 20th February – 1st March 2019
20th January – 8th February 2019  
1st February- 20th February 2019  
10th February – 1st March 2019  

Mock dates:

2nd March 2019:  Mock 1 7th March 2019:    Mock 5
3rd March 2019:  Mock 2 8th March 2019:    Mock 6
4th March 2019:  Mock 3 10th March 2019:  Mock 7
6th March 2019:  Mock 4 11th March 2019:  Mock 8


PLAB 1 course & mock dates for GMC exam 27th June 2019

Long Course Dates Short Course Dates
10th May – 29th May 2019 1st June – 10th June 2019
20th May – 9th June 2019  

Mock dates:

11th June 2019:   Mock 1 19th June 2019:   Mock 5
13th June 2019:   Mock 2 21st June 2019:    Mock 6
15th June 2019:   Mock 3 23rd June 2019:   Mock 7
17th June 2019:   Mock 4 25th June 2019:   Mock 8


PLAB 1 course & mock dates for GMC exam 5th September 2019

Long Course Dates Short Course Dates
20th July – 9th August 2019 10th August – 20th August 2019
1st August – 20th August 2019  

Mock dates:

20th August 2019:   Mock 1 28th August 2019:        Mock 5
22nd August 2019:  Mock 2 30th August 2019:        Mock 6
24th August 2019:   Mock 3 1st September 2019:    Mock 7
26th August 2019:   Mock 4 3rd September 2019:   Mock 8


PLAB 1 course & mock dates for GMC exam 7th November 2019

Long Course Dates Short Course Dates
20th September – 9th October 2019 10th August  – 20th August 2019
1st October – 20th October 2019  

Mock dates:

22nd October 2019: Mock 1 30th October 2019:      Mock 5
24th October 2019: Mock 2 1st November 2019:    Mock 6
26th October 2019: Mock 3 3rd November 2019:   Mock 7
28th October 2019: Mock 4 5th November 2019:   Mock 8