Free practice after the course.
Skilled OSCE and ME equipment available 24/7 to everyone.

Only at SAMSONPLAB: Unlike other courses we will not stop after attending the course.

This is what you will get from us:

  • 1. Attend our course for £200 each any day you would like
  • 2. Free supervised practice( Tutor available to guide )
  • 3. Free mock test which is conducted on separate dates:
  • 4. After the course you are free to come and practice at our centre any day any time alone  for a period of one year without any charges. after one year you will need to renew your subscription at £50. (No Tutor available).
  • 5. All skilled osce and Medical Emergency equipment available for practice 7 days a week.


These are hands on courses and we have individual approach to every candidate. Every candidate will get attention.

We provide dental training courses for Overseas Registration Exam (ORE) and Licence in Dental Surgery (LDS) Registration Exams.

We conduct 5 days training courses for the part 2 of ORE and LDS exams. The course includes OSCEs, Medical Emergencies (ME) and Diagnosis and Treatment Planning (DTP). Places are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis and if the course is full it will be closed.



During the course you will be taught communication and clinical reasoning skills.


We have assembled very experienced teachers who have been doing this for the past 5 years . All our tuitors have gone through the ORE and LDS exams and therefore they have the experience to share with you. You are therefore guaranteed of high quality training.


For the first time we have created a place where dentist can meet and practice 7 days a week. Our equipments are free for our candidates. You are allowed to come to our centre, use the materials and practice everyday alone or with your partner until the day of your exam for free.

We have all the facilities and equipment recommended by the the GDC and in the consortium list.

Through experience and feedback from our previous candidates we have realised that people who take courses very close to an exam and do not have enough time to revise for the real exam. we have designed our courses in such a way that you do a course 1 month before the exams so that you have enough time to revise.

We believe that one day courses are too less and very expensive for the time required for the preparation to achieve the standards required by the GDC so we have created a 5 day course which will help you master the three sections of the exam ( DTP, ME and OSCEs) very well at an affordable price.


As part of the course we have designed mocks test which will be just like the real exam: 16 active stations, no feed back during the exam, you will be marked as pass or fail for each station. At the end of the mock test you will receive both general feed back and individual feed back. The mock test will contain actor OSCEs as well. The mock test are free for our candidates. The mock test are conducted at least 10 days before your exam so that our tutors can assess your preparation and advice you where you need to change.


You will be provided with all the materials required to prepare for the exam. You will be able to see all the equipments like surveyor, emergency kit, oxygen cylinder, e.t.c . We have gathered all the common scenarios and summarised the notes for you. You will not need to open any other books.


You will always find someone to practice with as most of the candidates do come to use our centre to practice.


This course will cover all the OSCEs ( Actors, written , skilled), ME and DTP information and scenarios required to pass ORE part 2 exam. Plus there are 2 free mock test which are conducted on separate days. This course attracts 30 verifiable CPD hours.

We will provide you with all the support you need for you to pass the ORE part 2 exam. After the 5 days course you are allowed to come back and practice.

Course Contents:

  • Day 1: Medical Emergencies (ME) and communication
  • Day 2: Skilled OSCEs
  • Day 3: Written and Actor OSCEs
  • Day 4: Diagnosis and Treatment Planning (DTP)
  • Day 5: Diagnosis and Treatment Planning (DTP)

Course dates:

  • 12th December- 16th December 2018
  • 16th January- 20th January 2019
  • 13th February- 17th February 2019
  • 13th March- 17th March 2019
  • 17th April – 21st April 2019
  • 15th May – 19th May 2019

COURSE FEES: £500 including  free 4 mock tests, 1 free supervised practice day and free access to all equipment for two year.



This is a one day course. During the course candidates will learn all the necessary knowledge and skills needed to deal with an emergency in a dental setting. This course is particuloary aimed at helping the ORE candidates to pass their exam. During this course you will encounter all types of questions and equipments which you encounter in the exam. A mock test will be conducted at the end of the day aand you will experinece exam conditions. This course will attract 6 verifiable CPD hours


Course fee: £100

Course contents:

  • 1. Anaphylaxis
  • 2. Asthma
  • 3. Syncope
  • 4. Basic life support
  • 5. Automated External Defibrillator
  • 6. Choking child
  • 7. Adrenal insufficiency
  • 8. Hypoglycaemia
  • 9. Epilepsy
  • 10. Chest pain (angina or myocardial infarction)
  • 11. Patient risk assessment
  • 12. Needle sticky injury

Course dates:

  • 12th December 2018
  • 16th January 2019
  • 13th February 2019
  • 13th March 2019
  • 17th April 2019
  • 15th May 2019


This course will cover all the skilled OSCEs which can be encountered in the ORE part 2 exam. It is a hands on course which will give you an opportunity to practice all OSCE stations. We have all the required equipments to meet all your needs. The available equipment include surveyors, X-ray arrangement, BPE cast, IOTN casts, X-ray viewers etc. . After one day skilled OSCE course, you are also allowed to come and practice any day you want. We also provide a free supervised practice day to help you master the skills. Please see the details below. This course will attract 6 CPD verifiable hours

Course fee: £100

Course contents:

  • 1. Surveyor
  • 2. X-Ray arrangement
  • 3. IOTN
  • 4. RPD designing
  • 5. BPE
  • 6. Dental charting
  • 7. Intramuscular injection
  • 8. Rubber dam exercise
  • 9. Splinting
  • 10. Cephalometric tracing
  • 11. Suturing
  • 12. Surgical Instruments Identification
  • 13. Basic life support
  • 14. X-ray Holder mounting
  • 15. Waste disposal
  • 16. Hand Washing
  • 17. Oral hygiene Instructions
  • 17. Denture hygiene Instruction

Course dates:

  • 20th September 2018
  • 13th December 2018
  • 17th January 2019
  • 14th February 2019
  • 14th March 2019
  • 18th April 2019
  • 16th May 2019


This is a one day course that will cover most of the OSCE scenarios which are commonly tested in ORE Part 2 exam. The course is taught in 2 parts. There will be a lecture in the morning and a mock test in the afternoon. During this course , you will have a chance to interact with real actors. This course will attract 6 CPD hours



Course schedule:

  • 09:30am till 10:00am Introduction about ORE part 2 exam and general information about OSCE stations
  • 10:00 am till 13: 00pm Lecture on theoretical knowledge of common OSCE stations
  • 13:00pm-14:00pm Lunch break
  • 14: 00pm-14:30pm: OSCE mock test (16 OSCE stations)
  • 16:30pm-17:15pm: General feedback
  • 17:15pm till 6:00pm: Individual feedback

Course dates:

  • 14th December 2018
  • 18th January 2019
  • 15th February 2019
  • 15th March 2019
  • 19th April 2019
  • 17th May 2019


£400. This course will cover all the skilled, actors and written OSCEs. The 1st day of each course covers skilled OSCEs and the second day is for Actor and written OSCEs. The idea is allow the candidates to master the course before they come and test their skills and knowledge in a mock test. The mock test resembles the GDC ORE part II exam with 16 OSCE stations. The course comes with 1 free mock test which is conducted on a different date. The course attracts 12 verifiable CPD hours.


Course dates:

  • 13th and 14th December 2018
  • 7th and 8th September 2017

If you do a 2 days OSCE course you get an OSCE mock test free


This is a 2 days course which will cover all the topics required for ORE exam. Candidates will get a lot of practice. The course also comes with 1 free DTP and ME mock test which is conducted on a separate day.

By the end of this course you will understand the principles of DTP, practice 6 full DTP cases just like in the real exam and clear all your doubts. This course attracts 12 verifiable CPD hours.




10 am -1 pm: General approach for DTP ( Component of DTP cases, DTP topics, History taking, writing notes,  filling in the colour format, Presentation to the patient).

1-2 pm : Lunch break

2-6 pm: 2 full DTP cases with feedback.

SECOND DAY: 4 full DTP cases

10 am-1pm: 2 full DTP cases

1-2 pm:  lunch break

2-6pm: 2 DTP cases

    Course dates

  • 17th and 18th November 2018
  • 15th and 16th December 2018
  • 19th and 20th January 2019
  • 16th and 17th February 2019
  • 16th and 17th March 2019
  • 20th and 21st April 2019
  • 18th and 19th May 2019


This is a free practice day for those who have done the course with us. There will be tutors in place to guide you in all aspects of the practice.
Timing: 10 am onwards

Practice dates

22nd December 2018

  • 24th March 2019

8 – FULL ORE II OSCE MOCK TEST: Available just for samsonplab candidates

The mock test will consist of 16 OSCE stations. The combination of the OSCEs will be like in the exam. The mock test will consist of 6-7 actors OSCEs, 2-3 skilled OSCEs and 6-8 written OSCEs. There will be professional actors to simulate all actors OSCEs.

After the mock exam there will be general and Individual feedbacks. Mock tests are conducted on separate dates, not during the course and they are free for those candidates who have done the course with samsonplab.

You will have 1-2 hours break after the mock test. You can use this time to have lunch as well as to practice on skilled OSCE equipments. Medical Emergency equipments are reserved only for those candidates who have done the ME course with us. The mock test will will run between 09:30 till 7pm

Terms and condition. If you attend the OSCE mocks  tests once , you will need to pay £100 to attend the OSCE mock if you failed your exam and you would like to attend for the second time.. We expect you to attend 2 OSCE mock  tests  for FREE in your first insistence. You will not be allowed to share your mock tests between 2 exams. So you need to make sure you attend all  2 OSCE mock tests you are entitle to the first time you are going to sit for the exam. If you are not able to attend the mock tests for some reasons , you will lose the mock test.

Mock Test Dates:

First Mock Day: 29th Dec 2018
Second Mock Day: 12th January 2019

First Mock Day : 30th March 2019

Second Mock Day : 6th April 2019

    9. DTP AND ME MOCK TEST DATES: Available just for samsonplab candidates

    The structure of this mock test will be just like in the real exam. There will be one DTP case followed medical emergency mock test (3 ME scenarios plus BLS).

    After the mock test there will be general feedback followed by individual feedback. You will have a break between the mock test and the feedback which you can use to practice on skilled OSCEs

    You will be allocated specific time to come for the mock test. Usually you will be informed of the time of your mock test about a week before the date of your mock test. The mock test will run between 10:00 am till 6 pm.

    Terms and condition. If you attend the mocks once , you will need to pay £100 to attend the DTP &ME mock for the second time. We expect you to attend 2 DTP & ME mock  tests  for free in your first insistence. You will not be allowed to share your mock tests between 2 exams. So you need to make sure you attend all  2 DTP & ME mock tests you are entitle to the first time you are going to sit for the exam. If you are not able to attend the mock tests for some reasons , you will lose the mock test.

    Mock Test Dates:

    First Mock Day: 30th December 2018
    Second Mock Day: 13th January 2019

    First Mock Day: 31st March 2019

    Second Mock Day: 7th April 2019


    Indigenous English actors for the OSCE stations to provide you with the real feel of the exam !!!


    This 5 days ORE II manikin course will cover all the necessary component of ORE II  exam as per GDC guidelines. The course will allow you to master all the necessary ORE II manikin skills and get support throughout your ORE II exam preparation,  The course comes with 2 free supervised practice days and 2 free mock test.  We have excellent supportive tutors who will guide you throughout your journey.  This course is designed to help you pass ORE II exam in your first attempt.

    Why choose this us?

    1. We are the only one that offers FREE manikin mock tests and FREE supervised practice days.
    2. This is the best value for money you can ever get for your ORE 2 preparation.
    3. We are after the results and we will go beyond our limits to make sure you pass the ORE part 2 in your first attempt.
    4. We are the only institute that will allow you to come and use the lab for free.



    5 days course only: £600

    Each day: £130

    Manikin package of 5 days course, 2 supervised practice days and  2 Manikin mock tests: £1000.

    We highly recommend that you book for the package in order to have a better chance of  passing in your first attempt


    21st November- 25th November 2018

    19th December- 23rd December 2018

    23rd January-27th January 2019

    20th February – 24th February 2019

    20th March – 24th March 2019

    24th April – 28th April 2019

    15th May- 19th May 2019



    First Practice Day: 10th January 2019

    Second Practice Day: 17th January 2019


    First Practice Day: 28th March 2019

    Second Practice Day: 4th April 2019


    Fee: £200.  

    First Mock Day: 11th Jan 2019

    Second Mock Day: 18th Jan 2019


    First Mock Day :29th March 2019

    Second Mock Day: 5th April 2019



    DAY 1: £130

    Class 1 exercise

    Class 2 exercise

    Amalgam restoration

     DAY 2: £130

    Class 3 exercise

    Class 4 exercise

    Class 5 exercise

     DAY 3: £130

    Full gold crown (FGC)

    Labial veneer

    Impression Taking

    Temporary Crown

     DAY 4: £130

    Porcaline fused to metal (PFM)

    Rest seat preparation

    Lab card

    DAY5. £130

    Class 6 exercise

    Root canal treatment (RCT)


    • 1- X RAYS MACHINE available for RCT (ROOT canal Treatment) for determination of working length.
    • 2- FREE MANIKIN LAB for practice until you pass the exam.
    • 3- FREE SUPERVISED practice days for our candidates.
    • 4- FACEBOOK SUPPORT for all our candidates. You can post your preperation/works on our Facebook group and we will give you feedback.


    This will consists of manikin mock , feedback plus candidates will be allowed to practice afterwards till 6 pm.

    Mock Fee: £200

    Timing: 10-6 pm

    Morning session: 10 am -1 pm   Manikin mock 10am till 1 pm ( All equipments will be provided)

    Lunch break: 1-2 pm

    Afternoon session: 2-6pm   Feedback about the mock and supervised practice

    NB: Candidates should bring their teeth for supervised practice and are free to practice exercises of their choice.

    Manikin mock dates:

    First Mock Day: 11th Jan 2019

    Second Mock Day: 18th Jan 2019


    First Mock Day: 29th March 2019

    Second Mock Day: 5th April 2019

      SUPERVISED ORE MANIKIN PRACTICE ( Free for those that have done the manikin course with us) : £150


      Practice Days

      First supervised day: 10th Jan 2019

      Second supervised day: 17th Jan 2019


      First Supervised Day: 28th March 2019

      Second Supervised Day: 4th April 2019

      Timing :

      First session: 10:00am – 2:00pm

      Second session: 2:00pm -6:00 pm

      NOTE: For our candidates the supervised practice is free. But you need to come with your consumable materials. Timing for our candidates is anytime between 10am till 6pm.

      For all PAID PRACTICE DAYS and COURSES  all the required materials will be provided.


      All the material will be provided. Candidates needs NOT to bring anything.

      1 person £350

      2 persons £250 each

      3 persons £200 each

      Timing 10am – 6pm (1 hour lunch break)

      ONLY the following items will be provided on FREE PRACTICE DAYS (including the supervised practice days)

      • Hand pieces: Slow and Fast
      • Compressor
      • Manikin head
      • Amalgamator
      • Light curing unit
      • Hand instruments
      • Masks, gloves and glasses
      • Temporary crown material gun
      • Composite

      The following materials can be purchased at out institute

      • teeth
      • endo teeth
      • amalgam
      • bures
      • soflex
      • gloves
      • mask


      If you are a group of five attending for the same course, you may be eligible for a £100 discount.
      Each member of the group will get a £100 discount.

      Terms and conditions:
      1. The names of five group members must be emailed to us at least 7 days before the start date of the course
      2. All the 5 members must make payment at least 7 days before the start date of the course.
      3. Each members will get a £100 discount if all the above conditions are fulfilled.


      IMPORTANT INFORMATION FOR ALL CANDIDATES:   ATTENDING A FREE PRACTICE OR A MOCK TESTS: All candidates are expected to carry their registration forms whenever they come for individual practice, supervised practice or to attend a mock tests.Failure to produce a registration form may result in you NOT allowed to attend a mock tests, a  supervised practice or use premises for practice.



      NOTE:  Please do not send emails or call office requesting to make payment on the first day or giving reasons for not paying 5 days before. There is no exception to these conditions.